Sustainable Property Development

We understand that real estate has contributed massively to energy consumption and caused inconveniences to individuals and society at large. However, with innovative green building solutions and smart technology, change is inevitable. Our team actively advocates for sustainable development by incorporating eco-friendly construction designs and materials in real estate development.

Our sustainable construction designs

Trilogy Development Group has a stellar reputation when it comes to building commercial and residential structures that promote sustainability. Our experts incorporate construction designs that facilitate efficient airflow, proper insulation, sufficient lighting, and more.

Our goal is to provide more affordable housing to our clients by reducing energy consumption through construction design.

We dedicate our efforts to creating a healthier, eco-friendlier, and more productive environment using sustainable building designs. We incorporate high-performance windows to utilize natural lighting and self-composting toilets to reduce water usage.

Our experts also incorporate solar power and geothermal systems to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. We integrate HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our green building materials

We use green building materials and finishes to construct LEED and Energy Star-certified buildings for our clients. Our team works towards achieving an environmentally friendly real estate industry using innovative and unique building designs and materials.

Our experts use low VOC materials like paints and cabinetry to improve indoor air quality and enhance comfort. Some of the green building materials we use include bamboo flooring, smart glass windows, composite roofing shingles, engineered wood flooring, and others.

Trilogy Development Group focuses on upholding company values by realizing the impact real estate development has on the environment and working to minimize these effects. We incorporate sustainable material selection in our design-build services to achieve high-quality green buildings.

Our smart building technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the real estate industry and we don’t intend to get left behind. Our corporation has embraced the use of innovative technology to create more energy-efficient buildings.

We embed sensors into our client’s electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to minimize energy usage and automate processes.

Our experts incorporate smart glass windows in residential and commercial construction to promote heat and light retention or reflection depending on the energy requirements. We also install energy-efficient appliances and lighting to minimize energy usage.

Our focus is to achieve net zero energy buildings by encouraging technological innovation in the real estate industry.

Our water conservation practices

Our property consultation experts help clients invest in sustainable property development and real estate management services that reduce expenses while maximizing profits.

We are devoted to reducing water wastage through the construction of green buildings that minimize water usage. Trilogy Development Group makes every drop of water count with energy-efficient construction designs.

We incorporate storm water management by implementing landscaping designs that can manage water runoff and erosion. Our experts also install energy-efficient faucets, waterless toilets, subsurface irrigation, rain harvesting systems, grey water systems, low-flow toilets, and more.

Trilogy Development Group helps clients looking for sustainable real estate solutions by providing unique and energy-efficient construction services. We conserve natural resources without overlooking the quality of our services. Reach out to us today for more information.