Design and build Vs Traditional construction

Choosing between traditional construction and design-build project delivery method can be tasking. You might be wondering which one is more suitable for your property development project. While both construction methods are ideal, design-build construction relieves project owners of the stressful management process that comes with traditional construction. Read on to find out more about design-build and traditional construction.

Difference between design-build and traditional construction

Design-build construction is a construction delivery method that combines all the aspects of your construction project under a single contract. A construction company covers all the design, architectural, construction, and management aspects of your project. The design-build team collaborates to oversee the smooth flow of your project from conception to completion.

The traditional construction method on the other hand involves separately hiring a design team and a construction contractor to handle your project.

In the traditional procurement method, a designer first handles the design aspects of a client’s project then a construction contractor is hired to complete the project. This construction method requires the project owner to manage both the design and construction teams as there is no relationship between the two.

Which is more suitable?

The appropriate choice between design-build and traditional construction methods depends on your project’s goals and requirements. While traditional construction is still a popular method, design-build focuses on reducing some construction challenges such as project delays, low-quality results, overhead costs, and more.

Trilogy is a reliable design-build corporation that provides construction solutions through the design-build project delivery method. The design-build approach facilitates better project management and effective communication amongst team members. The designers and contractors can exchange useful ideas that increase the quality of the end results.

Due to the disconnect between the design and construction team in the traditional approach, communication could be distorted leading to errors and delays. ]

On the contrary, design-build construction encourages collaboration which leads to a more synchronized construction process. The design-build approach allows errors made during the design phase to be corrected earlier to avoid costly rectifications during advanced construction phases.

The traditional construction method might lead to project delays and low-quality work due to ineffective communication between the construction and design teams. The disparities between the separate teams could lead to miscommunications and missed goals. These disparities could result from the complexities of advanced construction projects that require increased collaboration.

However, the design-build team focuses on a centralized goal and works to achieve the client’s goal through the smooth flow of information between team members and the project owner. This leads to quicker project completion and high-quality results. Design-build projects are completed about 33% faster than traditional construction projects.

Managing separate teams in traditional construction can be overwhelming to the project owner. The design-build approach provides a single point of contact to the client leaving all the project management needs to the team.

Design-build construction and traditional procurement methods are both effective methods of construction that you can apply to your project. However, Trilogy’s design-build construction would be more suitable for projects with tight budgets and deadlines. Get in touch with us today for additional information.